Know What it is Costing to Print & Manage Each Page!

With the complexities of network management often print costs are not understood with a systematic view.

This means that they quickly get out of control and when hard and soft costs are included (toner, equipment, support, help desk calls, driver installs, users' lost prints, reprints, etc.) the overall cost of printing documents can escalate.  Overall document processing costs can be a considerable, yet hidden expense.

Learn what, where, how and why you are printing.  Ask for a Balanced Score Card print management review to get a handle on your costs and volumes.

Here's how.  Ask Leppert to conduct a Print Balanced Score Card Review for you...

Here's what we will do:

  • Install an automated tool on your network that will collect output volumes from all of your printers and connected multifunction print devices.

  • Conduct a location review documenting the current locations and volumes of all of your print devices...matched to who is using them.

  • Briefly Interview key stakeholders to determine what they need in print, fax and scan capability.

  • Determine current user level of satisfaction with your systems.

  • Assess supplies procurement methods and costs.

  • Compile an overview report showing results of the Balanced Score Card.

  • Provide recommendations for discussion on where you may alter your systems to make better use of current components or modify for better resolution of user needs.

Do all of this with no cost to you other than the time to participate and to receive the recommendations from the assessment.

Here's the fine print: 

Doing these types of assessments takes time, resources and expertise.  We do not commit these lightly so what we ask in return from you is that you will treat this process as a serious opportunity to get a handle on a part of your business that up to 80% of businesses have not done.  Your commitment to us is for senior management to agree to participate in the process, sponsor it within your organization so that the needed information can be compiled and will meet with us to review the results of the assessment....the amount of senior management time will be small but the outcome can be huge.

If you wish to participate and request a Balanced Score Card Review (includes scanning, faxing and document filing processes), then use the form to give us your contact info so we can discuss it further with you. 

We regret that we are only able to offer this service in the Greater Hamilton, Halton, Niagara, Cambridge, Guelph and Mississauga area in Ontario, Canada.