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Professional Mail Room With FP Postbase 130.130D

Written by Joanna Wallace | Thu, Jan 18, 2018 @ 19:01 PM

Mail room operations can be affected by many things but probably the most challenging for busy ones is the handling of mail runs which has various sizes and weights of items.

For production mailing where a single piece is being processed in high volume there are several options of equipment that can quickly and efficiently handle big volumes of throughput.  If most of your mailing is going to be of this type then speed along with making sure that your common envelope size and weight is okay to handle becomes the predominant determinant of machine choice.

What about the handling of varied sizes and weights in volume?

This is where the challenge leads you to the top of the line handling that is provided by the Postbase 130/130D from Francotyp-Postalia, (FP).  If your need includes handling streams of varied envelope sizes combined with the resulting varied weights of your mail then the Professional level provided by these machines are a great solution which can increase productivity, ensure accurate postage application  which is a critical issue given current rate levels, and less potential for operator error.



The video shows the key features and capabilities that you can expect from the Postbase 130D which features the dynamic weight capabilities.    If your mailing is more impacted by envelope sizing you can settle for the Postbase 130 with a standard scale setup.

Whatever choice you make the reliability and sophistication of these machines can offer a substantial gain in operating efficiency in your mail room.

Consulting with a knowledgeable professional can assist you in determining the right match for your operations and to set a postage meter contract for your device.

Joanna W