What docUcapture does

Safely store your documents in this secure document system using an encrypted online connection.

Key Features of docUcapture

  • High capacity servers
  • Your business will be using state of the art electronic storage for your files within a matter of hours.
  • Your users can access information from wherever they are located around the world over the web, using a standard web browser.
  • Files are backed up daily to ensure safety and security of data.
  • All data is stored in servers located in Canada

Access Security

Your users will have a secure login to ensure that only authorized persons have access to your data. With the docUcapture service users can access their information from any location where they have access to the internet.

Using docUcapture: Business Cases

  • Your company could post a catalogue of information and photos of their products and using a generic login make that catalogue available to your customers over the web, without having to host your own web location. Update the catalogue in the docUcapture system and all of your customers have instant access to the new updates...simple, easy and widely accessible

  • You could use docUcapture as a document archive for client files, key records, project files or other documents which need to be retained for extended periods. Unlike paper storage electronic storage permits multiple persons to reference the same document at the same time. In addition, since the docUcapture servers are backed up daily there is more security of data protecting it from the potential of fire, flood or other disasters in your office.

  • You could post company policies, procedures and other information which needs to be available to remote employees into your docUcapture site and they would be readily available over the internet from any location. Upload standard forms or other frequently used documents for ease of access.

The options for how you could use docUcapture to streamline your secure documents are as unlimited as your imagination....

More Information on Signing Up For docUcapture
Call today at 905-333-8766 for a demonstration and to discuss exactly how you would configure your docUcapture site.

Or check out the demo site. Feel free to look around and see how you can find documents.