Why Use docUcapture?

There are many reasons why electronic storage is superior to traditional paper based storage

  • More than one authorized user can access a file at one time
  • All files are backed up for redundant security
  • Electronic files can be viewed, e-mailed, faxed or even printed if the need arises
  • Searching for a file is as simple as entering some key words or index criteria and the resulting record is displayed to your computer almost instantly
  • Most importantly, you never need to re-file a document once you have viewed it…the original is always ready in the docUcapture file store.
  • By using docUcapture you can have the security of redundant electronic storage without the administrative and capital costs of installing your own in-house document management System
  • Your docUcapture file storage is easily expanded to meet your growing storage requirements without new capital expenditure
  • There is no impact on your IT infrastructure since our in-house IT team maintains and monitors the docUcapture servers for you....you share in the benefits which all of our docUcapture clients enjoy.
  • docUcapture is low cost, low risk but with advanced capabilities...a superb addition to your filing and communications systems.