Transaction Management – Electronic Signature Backup Procedure

Client  -  Distributor

Program Objectives

  • Provide ability to store signature block from pack lists generated in paper transactions.
  • Used as back up to electronic processes developed for using signature pads for capturing point of sale authorization at order desks.

Implementation Process

Solution used was Capture Plus, a middleware software used to process electronically both paper based and electronically generated documents.

Client required a process to scan, separate (based upon bar code) and capture only the signature block on the documents.

Signature block image captured was converted to JPEG and outputted to a folder, named by the pack list number (extracted from the bar code.)  Client’s process extracted the files from the folder and matched them to records created in their ERP system.  Files and signature images were then stored for use as part of their invoicing and A/R process.

Input processes

Paper transactions are consolidated in the Head Office from their branch offices when the electronic signature process is not available (power outage, etc.).

Documents are scanned on MFP devices in the Head office and processed through the Capture Plus workflow.

Retrieval processes

Client uses the images generated as part of their invoicing systems

Implementation Results

System is to be used as part of their backup procedures to ensure that clients can continue to be served in the event that the electronic signature capture process is not available in any given branch.