Who We Are At Leppert

  • A Team which takes a personal interest in your needs.
  • A Team with a wide breadth of knowledge, applied to your needs…backed by support personnel with extensive field background and longevity of service.
  • A Team which is responsive in all ways: at the sales stage, in the delivery stage and in follow-up support.
  • A Team with flexibility in how they deal with you.
  • A Team with broad product and solution choice, with the commitment to stand behind what they sell.
  • A Team with a long standing reputation for responsible, fair, honest dealings…demonstrated through the way they act.
  • A Team with solid knowledge of IT networks, network printing systems, mailing systems and document filing systems.

Clients Tell the Story

"We were thrilled we were able to consolidate all of our document handlers into one piece of premium equipment that works brilliantly."

   JAE Reference                                        

 "I met with a few different companies.  Not one was able to match the comfort level Greg provided, nor were any able to provide such a high quality, cost effective solution."     

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