Document Management Services


Leppert has successfully assisted a wide range of clients with the development and integration of Electronic Document Management and Archive systems.These systems can be designed to support the storage of 200-10,000 or more pages per day. Systems being supported by Leppert include installations in Manufacturing and Engineering Design, Accounting, Quality Control, Pension Administration, Financial Services and Construction.

Document Management Software

Systems we feature includes SentryFile 5 (fully web enabled and featuring a very low entry cost) and File360 a robust transactional file archive with extensive levels of document security.

Paper capture can be performed through scanning technologies employing high speed scanners from Fujitsu and Kodak offering advanced image processing capabilities.  Scanning enabled MFP (Multifunction Printing) units from Kyocera, Samsung and Ricoh are also capable of integration into a Document Management workflow.  Using specialized "Middleware" it is possible to create seamless integration from the document feeder to the file storage.....ask us how it can work in your office!

Automated Document Processing

Leppert is able to assist clients in automating their document processing using solutions from a number of suppliers.  Working with NSI Autostore tools it is possible to create customized indexing folders on the screen of selected Multifunction devices and use them to scan and index documents into backend systems.  These tools permit advanced functionality to be put into place with less demand for user training and with limited need for manual data entry.

The Autostore suite of products permits capture from multiple brands of MFP devices as well as from electronic data sources.  Processed records can be loaded automatically into many document repository systems including Microsoft Sharepoint, Documentum, Filenet, Laser Fiche, SentryFile 5...and many others.

Using other tools including Docucapture Plus, another middleware product which permits the automated operation of sophisticated workflows for indexing and storing files, Leppert is able to simplify many tedious and unpopular processes in the office.  Processing documents using barcodes, database connectors, OCR systems and other advanced tools permits clients to manage their workflow more efficiently and with less dependence upon manual processing.

KYOcapture, a special version of the Autostore product suite designed to match the capabilities of the Kyocera product line permits the tight integration of the Multifunction device and backend file storage processes.  Modelled on a three step process: capture - process -route, the KYOcapture system uses the Multifunction device as the front end to a much more robust and integrated output.

Automated processing can be applied to many types of filing issues in your office:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Client Records
  • Shipping and Logistics Records
  • Legal Filing
  • Customer Support Records
  • Technical Papers
  • Quality Control Records

DocuCapture Scanning Service Bureau

Leppert offers the opportunity for organizations to obtain the benefits of the Electronic Capture of paper records through its in-house service bureau which will scan and index paper records. Optional conversion to PDF format is also available. This service permits clients to trial the Electronic Archive process without the capital investment normally required for an in-house Document Management system.

docUcapture Hosted Electronic Storage

Upload your electronic or scanned paper files over the internet to our secure servers and you can file and retrieve your records easily. With a customized index designed to meet your needs the service permits you to have the the benefits of Document Management without the capital investment.  For a low monthly fee your records are securely stored and ready for your retrieval whenever and wherever you need them.

Use a Hosted Electronic Storage Site For Your Important Filing starting at only $59 per month.