Printer Support Plans

Printer service for most major brands, professionally delivered.

Managed Print Services

For the ultimate in printer support, Leppert provides full fledged Managed Print Services which takes the concern out of printing and off your hands.

  • Proactive printer support
  • Proactive toner supply using top quality toner
  • On site service including parts and labour
  • Print management - resize and rationalize to optimize your fleet
  • Replacement recommendation when appropriate - don't get fooled by manufacturer driven plans that are only about encouraging you to replace your current fleet with their brand. 
  • Regular reporting and information sharing...know how your users are being affected and how your fleet (even 2 or 3 units) are performing
  • Work flow recommendations for print reduction and cost control

Incident Based Printer Plans

Have a fleet of printers and you don't want to pay the costs of a per printer plan?  Have a mixed fleet of older and some newer printers?  Not ready for Managed Print Services yet?

The Leppert Incident Based Printer Plan could be right for you.

  • Buy a block of printer support incidents at a fixed price per incident.

  • When a printer needs service, just call and we use one of your incidents as the billing cost for that call.

  • Incidents have a long life-span so you know you will get value from the purchase.

  • Refresh your incidents as you use them up...but don't buy what you don't need. 

  • Incidents under your plan can cover a wide range of printer models and brands.

  • Incidents are not time related...therefore you know what it is costing before you call our technical team out for support.

  • You pay for parts or consumables as required.

Per Device Plans

Most commonly used for new devices and for colour printers, Leppert offers ongoing annual printer support plans for select devices.  Rates vary by amount of use, type of printer and the need of the client.

Under these plans you know in advance what support will cost you for the coming year.  Each plan is customized to your printers and your needs.

Time and Materials Plans

For those who would rather just call when they feel their device needs support you can use the Leppert T&M service.  Based upon an hourly billing rate our technical team will respond when your device needs repair and we will invoice accordingly.  Leppert services most major brands of laserprinters and wide format inkjet printers.

Special Feature of Leppert Plans - Proactive Notification

Using specialized software which is placed on your network it is possible for Leppert to provide proactive notice of print related issues.  While we cannot promise 100% proactive warning, we can certainly provide the bulk of the early warning or repair needs notifications that would improve your print environment.

A special feature of this plan is the ability to also provide a Proactive Toner Replenishment Service with this program.

This proactive service plan is available with all levels of Leppert print support plans in the geographic areas we serve in Southern Ontario, Canada.