Transaction Management – Real Estate

Client  -  Real Estate

Program Objectives

  • Provide secure storage of Real Estate Transaction files as submitted from agents.
  • Provide ability to search files by client, location, date and initiating agent.
  • Provide ease of upload of both electronically received files (network fax capture) and scanned documents

Implementation Process

Client decided to use the docUcapture hosted service to store the files.

A secure web  was created in the docUcapture server for the client files.  Cabinet with index structure as shown above was created and user logins and passwords were established for the users who required access.

On a regular basis backup copies of the files along with the referencing index data are provided to the client for their on-site storage.

Input processes

Files were compiled by receptionist on a daily basis and uploaded over the web to the docUcapture secure server.  Files are indexed into the Real Estate Cabinet using the reference data as defined in two above.  Files are converted to PDF format for storage.

Retrieval processes

Authorized users browse to the URL for their login to docUcapture and login to the site.  The use any of (or several of) the index fields provided to search for documents referencing the file they need to access.  Files can be downloaded if required.

Implementation Results

  • Records are stored safely and easily accessible. 
  • When the client changed offices, they were able to destroy all paper records in advance of their move. (Once they have a backup copy of the electronic records in their possession they shred the paper records.)
  • All Real Estate files are kept in the docUcapture system for long term use