Paper Shredders and Shredding Services

Privacy concerns are a cornerstone of managing company files and records. Avoiding the embarrassment and potential liabilities of improperly destroyed paper records is important for every business. Paper shredders solve these issues.

Leppert provides many choices of shredding equipment designed to clear your old records and make sure they do not fall into the wrong hands. Don't forget about your electronic media files as well...shredders can handle your DVD or CD backups as well.

Selecting and operating your own in-house shredding system can be much more reliable and less costly than using out-sourced shredding know that your documents have been handled properly and the cost is lower as well.

Leppert offers a wide selection of paper shredders from several manufacturers, ensuring tht you can find the right one for your needs.

See the new Kobra 310 TS-AF Cross Cut Shredder with Auto Feed in Action.  A new way to provide increased capacity and ease of use into your office.


The Ultimate in On-site Shredding for Maximum Security

The Kobra Cyclone offers the ultimate in easy to use, high capacity, secure shredding for on-site production work. This is the right solution if you have varied media, high capacity and a need to be sure that your shredded materials are properly handled. 

Check out the Kobra Cyclone video to learn more... it is worth the time to view!

Service and Delivery in the GTA

If you live in the areas of Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga or Toronto we can provide quality shredding services to you.