Legal – Bates Numbering Case Files

Client - Government Agency

Program Objectives

  • Provide ability to store scan case file documents over extended period of time.
  • Add Bates Numbers to each page scanned, imprint the document with sequential Bates Number (by Case File) and produces both electronic and paper copies of the resulting files.

Implementation Process

Solution used was to provide a Kyocera KM-3050 multifunction printer/scanner coupled with KyoCapture workflow software.  The KyoCapture software was configured with the Bates Stamping Server Module.

Input processes

Paper copies of documents to be added to a given Case File are scanned on the multifunction device using the KyoCapture Application.  Each Case File is setup with a specific Bates Stamp code based upon the Case Number.

As files are added to the system using the specific code, each page is imprinted with a sequentially increasing Bates Number during the scanning process.  Electronic copies of the file are then converted to PDF and output to a folder for long term use and for court preparation.   A paper copy of the matching document with the Bates Number imprinted on it is generated at the time of scanning.  This permits matching of paper and electronic records if required.

Retrieval processes

Electronic Case Files are compiled by the court officers involved in preparation for court.  Bates numbers on electronic documents permit easy identification and retrieval.

Implementation Results

  • The Bates Numbering process permits the addition of documents to a Case File over the extended period in which a case is developed but ensures that all pages entered into the file are given a unique sequentially numbered reference which can be cross indexed to written and electronic files.
  • The multifunction device is also integrated to the office network and is available for other print, copy and scan functions as needed.