Financial Management – Credit Union

Client  -  Credit Union

Program Objectives

  • Provide secure filing and storage of member files with the ability to retrieve records from two branches during full operating hours.  Provide easy access to signature and photo ID records to the teller stations during open hours.
  • Provide secure storage of AP records and  disbursement checks
  • Provide scalability for expansion to other areas of operation

Implementation Process

Initial installation of the SentryFile software solution was undertaken with the support of the Ganaraska  internal IT resources.  Software was installed on a Windows Server 2003 with SQL data base backend.  

Document Cabinets were created for three categories of documents:  Member Records, Invoices and Vendor Agreements.

Input processes

Scanned input is done through the use of network connected MFP devices deployed in both branches and key departments within head office.  Scanning is routed to designated folders and uploaded by operators to appropriate Cabinets for storage.

Electronic documents are input through upload tool of SentryFile or through printing into the system using the SentryFile Satellite tool.

Retrieval processes

Employees wishing to access documents do so using the browser based retrieval processes of SentryFile.  Using the SentryFile Satellite tool users are able to open the SentryFile storage area without further login.

Tellers access member records directly from the banking system by highlighting the member number on their terminal screen and using the SentryFile short cut keys to call the record.  This feature permits a form of integration to the banking software without violating any of the licensing restrictions of the banking application.

Implementation Results

  • Electronic records are instantly retrievable by all authorized users once they are inputted to the SentryFile storage vault.
  • Signature cards and photo ID’s are readily available for teller use without disruption of member interaction.
  • All records stored in the system are backed up daily for security purposes as part of the regular network backup processes.
  • Inter branch document transfers have been reduced substantially due to access of member records from one central source.
  • Retention rules are implemented for purging of records based upon an approval based retention setting by Cabinet.