Record Management – Customs Brokerage

Client  -  Customs Brokerage

Program Objectives

  • Provide a secure and easily accessible file store of client NAFTA documents

Implementation Process

Client elected to use the docUcapture hosted storage to file their records.

A client named web was created in the docUcapture system to store their records.  Designated URL gives direct access to client web.

Index criteria were created to cross reference documents stored to their in-house data base program that is their primary interface with client records.

Input processes

Client employee scans documents to be input through a Fujitsu desktop scanner on their site.

Client accesses the docUcapture site through their URL and logins to their NAFTA Cabinet.   Using the upload feature the scanned files are uploaded to the docUcapture server, indexed by the operator and stored.

Retrieval processes

Users login to the designated URL and search by index criteria to find relevant files.

Annually a backup DVD of files is created for the client to be able to reference off site.

Implementation Results

  • Records are stored as required.
  • Secure backup is provided to the paper records which had previously been the only source of NAFTA confirmation.
  • Annual backup permits easy access and storage for statutory needs.