File360 High Security Transactional Document and Content Management

File360 from OpenText is a broad based document management system which is exceptional at document level security and handling of transactional documents.

Leppert has been deploying and supporting this platform for nearly 20 years in a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, accounting and pension funds. We are a certified OpenText Support Partner.

Built on a modular basis the File360 system can be sized and structured to meet the specific needs of your operations.

  • Strong batch scanning support

  • 1000 levels of document security

  • Concurrent licensing limits license impacts and reduces per seat costs

  • Ease of document portability, store any electronic file type

  • SQL index provides rapid search and retrieval as well as advanced log audit tracking

  • Robust platform can store and handle millions of images and documents

If your document and content management needs require advanced document level security, high transaction volumes and rapid batch scanning...File360 is a solution to be considered. Partner with us and learn how to optimize your business processes, workflows as you embrace the benefits of going paperless in your organization.