Fax Machines

Fax is a technology still required in many offices. While the price of faxes has dropped dramatically the choice of a reliable business laser fax is still an important issue if fax is important to your communications.

Fax can be stand alone or combined into a MFP copier device. Many offices are finding the advanced features and cost savings associated with combining their fax into the MFP copier printer are a cost effective means to meet their faxing needs.

Network Faxing

Our MFP copier printer based fax systems offer network fax capability which permits users on your office network to send faxes directly from their desktop, using the fax board in the MFP copier device to act as a Fax Server.

Inbound Fax Routing

An even more robust provision of network faxing is the means for inbound fax routing, permiting faxes to be saved from the MFP copier / printer to your computer desktop. This can eliminate the cost of printing faxes and permit them to be sent to users within the office over the network. 

Check with your Leppert print consultant to determine which options are best for you. The choice of fax solution depends on the applications you need and your Leppert consultant can assist you in this decision. For many offices scanning has started to take over from fax. This can have a bearing upon the type of fax device you might need.

Fax choices from: Kyocera, Samsung, Panasonic, HP

Need Service for your Fax?

Whether you are in Toronto, Niagara or Brantford we can provide service and support for your fax device.