Managed Print Services

Do you know what you are paying to print each page of documents produced in your business?

If not you may be more than you think.

The Leppert Managed Print printer and multifunction program makes controlling your print hardware easier and more effective.

With this program you acquire the hardware, service and toner for your print devices over a fixed term of contract and a scheduled volume all for one low price per page. Financing can also be bundled as part of the plan. 

Managed print does not mean you have to replace everything you currently have all at fact you may not replace anything if changes are not needed.  Everything is reviewed based upon YOUR NEEDS not a manufacturer's desire to keep a factory running.

Support For Current Fleet

Support for existing devices in your fleet can be bundled with whatever new equipment a study may define. You don't have to throw away suitable products you may already own and which can meet your current needs.

A low per page cost can often equate to the current cost to put toner into your existing cartridge based printers. Under this innovative program you can receive new network print copier devices, service, parts and toner for a contract rate based upon your print volume.

Based upon an assessment of your users' needs, we configure and install a varied fleet of equipment, right sized for your operations. Using an agreed volume of output your per print rate is established and this rate will cover all of your costs for your print needs. Replace your cartridge printers where appropriate, older multifunctions, early colour devices and fax systems with a balanced and fully supported print fleet. Rationalization of your fleet can significantly reduce your printing headaches.

Program Benefits:

  • Combine capital cost, support cost and toner cost into one low fee per print.

  • We will advise you on the right mix of devices for your needs...even from mixed suppliers if your needs require it.

  • Have flexibility to match the requirements of individual and workgroup loads.

  • Reduce the complexity of managing your printer fleet.

  • Focus on the use of your equipment not managing it.

  • As one client says, "we take the pain out of printer management."

All of this for one low fee per page printed.  We can ensure that your users have the printing capability they need, with fewer headaches and better value.