Transaction Management – Leasing

Client  -  B2B Distributor

Program Objectives

  • Provide secure storage of Leasing files as received.
  • Provide ability to search files by client, date, leasing company and lease termination date.
  • Provide ease of upload of scanned, signed leases.

Implementation Process

Client decided to use the docUcapture hosted service to store the files.

A secure web was created in the docUcapture server for the client files.  Cabinet with index structure as shown above was created and user logins and passwords were established for the users who required access.

On a regular basis backup copies of the files along with the referencing index data are provided to the client for their on-site storage.

Input processes

Files are uploaded by the lease officerr at the time the files are finalized by client signature and lease is initiated by the leasing company.

Indexing is applied as required and supporting documents are included with the leasing records.

Retrieval processes

Using the SentryFile Satellite users are able to directly access the file store.  They  use the index criteria to access the needed files for reference.  Lease details are available for customer support and for sales follow up as required.

Implementation Results

  • Records are stored safely and easily accessible. 
  • Ease of solving customer service issues relating to leases.