For all your MFP, Copier and print devices

Reduce two of the greatest aggravations in running your MFP!

  • Don't run out of toner and have to arrange an emergency delivery, increasing costs and aggravation.

  • You won't have to report meter clicks for your volume reports either.

Automated Meter Reading and Collection on MFPs and Printers

No more need to report meters for print volumes.  Regular data collection permits reporting of significant changes in print volumes for better operational control

Automated supplies replacement

With real time monitoring of consumables in the print devices we are able to pro-actively dispense toner before you are low.  No need to maintain large inventories 'just in case' since the Page Logic system will advise us when toner is at the replenishment threshold based upon your usage.  Increase productivity and reduce stress.

Monitor your complete print device fleet

The Page Logic system can keep track of the performance of all of your print devices, even those connected locally if desired.  You can know what your real print volumes are and the places where print enhancement may be needed.

The Page Logic Extended Support Program is a no cost addition to your print device support plan provided by Leppert....

It only takes a few minutes to set you up and you are on the program.

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