Understanding the Costs of Postage Meters - Canada


Renting or leasing a postage meter isn't something you do every day.

Vendors have different names for the components and options, so understanding what you are buying can be a challenge.

Concerned by the hidden costs associated with a postage meter?

There are many components that affect the price that can be confusing.

We're here to help and make it easy!

Our short outline Understanding the Costs of Postage Meters is a valuable guide to help you make sure you get what you are paying for.

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Take the confusion out of choosing your meter...avoid the Frustrations, Risks and Costs that can be of concern. You'll be prepared and better equiped to have a meaningful discussion with your potential vendor if you understand what is involved in the various pricing options.

Take care...what seems simple is not always so, and you can end up paying too much or more than you need to if you don't fully understand what is being offered! 

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