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Document Management Strategies Must Consider Growth of Video

Posted by Lee Kirkby on Tue, Jun 8, 2010 @ 12:06 PM

Man with large stack of papers over head   When someone talks about office documents the image that usually comes to mind is a piece of paper.

I was recently finalizing some material for a small showcase session at our chamber of commerce and one of the documents I was working with is the following video piece.

I realized as I was doing this that we often forget the impact of the ease of producing video (the one above was done using a low cost tool from The first version of this video was created a year ago and we had to store it to be able to use it over time....thus we had to use document management.  As a useful document being able to manage it and maintain version control became an important issue for me to ensure that I am using the most current rendering when I access the document.  I admit I had not thought about how much impact video use was having on our document storage systems.

A recent article in ConnectIT News quotes Cisco's research on visual networking and it predicts "Video to increase global IP traffic more than 400 percent by 2014."  The implication of this is that for any organization planning to develop a document management strategy they will need to consider how to manage their video assets as well.  Producing video is in the reach of any business and with the ability to show visual, auditory as well as text the use will naturally expand.

Are you using video? How are you managing the documents?  Are they part of your DM strategy?

Lee K 

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