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Mailing System Productivity-Folder Inserters

Posted by Lee Kirkby on Mon, Jul 26, 2010 @ 10:07 AM

Getting more value out of your time at work is an important part of every person's day.  When it comes to doing the daily mail there are a number of ways which this can be accomplished.  

Centormail postage meter  The first thing that is thought of is the postage meter.  In Canada you can rent a postage meter from one of three national brands.  The meter provides security and ease of adding postage when the volume of envelopes or parcels starts to grow.  For many offices this is the only mailing productivity tool that is used.

There are many more potential ways to increase your mailing productivity.  One of the most valuable is the folder inserter.  These wondrous devices take the tedium out of folding mail and inserting it into the envelope.  We see them deployed where there are larger volumes of payroll documents, invoices, marketing flyers and other transactional focused mail.

The ROI for a folder inserter can be substantial.  Folder inserterThese devices have a normal lifespan of at least 5 years if the right unit for your workload is obtained.  When you spread the capital cost and the low maintenance costs over the 60 month period it does not take many minutes saved per day to show a great ROI.  

In one account I saw the cashflow pay back period on a $33,000 device (the volume for this office was over 15,000 pieces per month) was just over one year on a purchase plan and was only 5 months on a lease plan.  From those dates forward the saving in labour costs, net of the labour to run the device, was a bottom line profit to the company our a potential to redeploy that labour to more valuable use.  The employees affected loved the new tool and saw it as a way to be relieved of a thankless and tedious task.

Office document strategies involve much more than minimizing production costs of printing or finding better ways to store your filing.  They involve looking at all of the ways you interact with your documents and finding usable tools to improve the processes involved.  Folder inserters are a way to do this when mailed documents are required.  The capital cost does not have to be as high as in the example above, it can be much lower than is all about fitting the right product to match your needs.

Who folds your mail?  What's your volume?  Would a productivity tool be of value to you?

Lee K 

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