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8 Reasons to Replace Your Office Printer

Posted by Lee Kirkby on Fri, Jan 7, 2011 @ 09:01 AM

Eventually all office printers come to a point in their life when they need to be replaced.  Here are some reasons I have found that clients make a decision to upgrade:

  • You're having trouble finding toner.  

Your favorite toner company doesn’t carry supplies for that model anymore. Time to upgrade your printer!

  • Your employees are getting frustrated.

If your printer has employees standing nervously by to load each sheet in the tray manually to prevent a paper jam, or digging into the machine’s innards on every print job to fish out bits of paper it’s time to consider your printer is on its last legs. Man hitting copier

  •  Your printing needs change. 

In the beginning you were only printing the occasional invoice. Now you’re printing company brochures, employee newsletters, and other graphics-heavy documents.  It’s time to make a decision to move forward with a printer that is made to handle colour printing on card stock and better paper.  Printing proposals over a hundred pages long on that slow machine would hold up everyone else’s work. Your needs confirm that you should be using a laser printer that’s prints off much faster.

  • Your company is growing. 

It’s not just you and your laptop anymore, you have other employees. You need a printer you can network to multiple computers. You need a printer designed for office use, and a better fit for your growing business.

  • You need to connect even more employees to your network printer. 

Your office is growing to the point that your printer can’t handle being networked to the increased number of computers.  People are losing their jobs and having to reprint because it went missing. Get a new Printer that can handle your  office’s demands.

  •  There are better models out there. 

If you’ve had your printer for longer than two or three years, there is a model out there that works better, networks more smoothly, prints faster, uses less toner or ink and has less expensive cartridges. Technology can improve significantly over the span of a few years, and a new printer may be able to save you money on toner, and give you better, faster printouts as well.  Newer printers are more environmentally friendly offering substantial power savings and better energy saving tools.

  • You're replacing toner more frequently. 

Printing more than you used to at the office? Your ink and toner budget has gone up significantly. You bought your first printer because it was cheap, not necessarily because it was cost-efficient to use over the long term. Time for a more cost-efficient machine.

  • Not all printers are born equal. 

As your company grows it becomes apparent that you might need  more than one printer  and the option for employees to choose the appropriate apparatus for the task. A lot of offices use personal printers but also supply the option to connect to a larger MFP (multifunction printer) which is networked to all computers to provide more capability and lower operating costs.Printer Failure Graph

 Have you outgrown your office printer?

Joanna W - (Client Services Advisor)

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