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A Better Way to Manage Your Colour Printer Toner and B&W Too.

Posted by Lee Kirkby on Wed, Aug 31, 2011 @ 07:08 AM

A Better Way to Manage Your Colour Printer Toner "We're out of toner for our copier can you send some right away?"


"The printer won't print.  Who used the last toner?"


"We seem to be going through colour printer toner constantly.  How much is this costing us anyway?"


"Dxc$VD!  It's Saturday morning and I need to get this job printed and now the machine says low toner and I don't know where the extra is.  What am I going to do?"


Do any of these seem familiar to you.  Have you ever been working on that last minute presentation and when you go to print the colour printer says low toner and you just cross your fingers hoping it will finish the job?

How does something that seems so incidental become so frustrating and aggravating?  In our office one of the most frequent panic phone calls we get from clients is the call for a rush supply of toner.  So why does this happen?

I think it is exactly because it always seems like an incidental issue, one that is not critical in the daily rush to get things done and so therefore it often gets over looked until the emergency occurs.  Of course the alternative is to keep a handy supply of toners for all your print devices; colour printers, copiers, B&W printers on hand, but at what cost is this inventory sitting around waiting to be used?

There is a better way. A managed toner plan.

  • Using a small utility placed on a computer in your office, it is possible to monitor the toner levels of all print devices on the network.

  • A capability of the utility is to set levels of toner use so that once a threshold of remaining toner is met the software sends a message to your toner supplier, advising them of the need for toner, the device and its location.

  • The supplier can pro actively respond to the notice and ship the replacement toner that is required, addressed right to the location in the client office where it is needed.

The benefits of this system.

  • The early identification of toner need, before the emergency occurs.

  • Reduction in inventory cost and potential of lost toners as only when needed does a new toner arrive.

  • Contract pricing so that toner purchasing is managed and not left to adhoc purchasing.

  • Reduction in emergency shipping or transportation costs as the toner is provided ahead of the need on a more efficient basis.

  • Less frustration for all concerned; users, purchasing person, vendor.

"I want toner when I want it, not before, not after and not at a premium cost with expensive rush shipping." 

Not a lot to ask for. 

A managed toner supply plan can meet all of these desires and add a lot more with better knowledge of what is being done, which printers are carrying the load and proactive control.

Is it time for you to take control of your toner?  Have you ever paid a premium for rush delivery just to meet a deadline?  Do you have an understanding of what toner is really costing your company?

Lee K

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