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New iPad Launched. PC Computer Killer Some People Think. (Featured Articles)

Posted by Lee Kirkby on Fri, Mar 9, 2012 @ 09:03 AM

New iPad Launched. PC Computer Killer Some People Think. (Featured Articles)Apple launched its third generation iPad tablet this week and some people think it may be the next step in killing the PC.  Certainly if the data around the total number of iPads and other tablets which have been sold is right the impact on the PC market is significant.  Burlington SMB businesses are using tablets on an increasing basis, although I would not say that iPads are out numbering other brands.

The questions is can you do on tablets and the iPad in particular the things you need to do on a PC?  Also did the relaunched iPad meet the expectations of the market and all of those who have been waiting for it.  I can't answer that personally as I did not get to go to the San Fransisco launch, but have collected a group of the responses that have been published, primarily in the electronic technology focused media to help you decide. Enterprise Mobility: 4G-Powered iPad Targets Android Tablets With Retina Display, New Apps's new iPad vs. Android: Which is better? iPad features fail to wow consumers: survey

CDN, Canadian Dealer News:Tim Cook outlines vision of post-PC world

CDN, Canadian Dealer News:Will the tablet kill the PC? No, say CIOs Hands on with Apple's New iPad

That should be enough to give you a taste of the early response to the launch and announcement.  Of course we will all see how the product does in the market over the next few weeks.  If it follows recent trends it will be a success with many early adopters upgrading and those who have not tried it out as yet jumping on board.  Of course the price is not low so for many potential users this will keep them away or have them move to a lower priced product.

The response from competitors will also be worth watching.  If nothing else the new iPad ensures that people will find new and better ways to make use of the technology.

Are you an iPad user?  Are you going to upgrade or get your first?  Will you consider another type of tablet instead?  What use can you see for this new tool?

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