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Multiple Screens Dominate Users' Communication Activities [Hubspot & Google Data]

Posted by Lee Kirkby on Sun, Sep 9, 2012 @ 07:09 AM

Multiple Screens Dominate Users%27 Communication Activities [Hubspot & Google Data]A recent Hubspot blog post outlines extensively the impact that multiple screen choices play in users's communications and interactions.  Gone are the days when a single computer screen was the source of most of a person's key information.

Using data published by Google Hubspot has pulled together 34 Enlightening Statistics Marketers Should Know About Multiscreen Usage.  The Google published data is showcased in a series of infographics which feature some very interesting summaries of how we all work using our smartphones, multiscreen displays, tablets and the TV.

More critically the article discusses how we use the various tools in sequence and concurrently to make buying decisions and purchases for our offices and personally.

Each of these tools is now part of your office, whether you realize it or not.  Their distibution and use affects how we gain information, make decisions and carry out our daily tasks.

The devices change the speed at which things happen and they each contribute in unique ways to how we interact and communicate.  Whether you are in sales, customer service, support, technical or administration your daily work is being affected by how your customers, suppliers and colleagues are working with the various screen displays they use.

At home your choices of information gathering, enjoyment and communication are also affected.  This Google data gives each of us a glimpse of what we observe but most likely do not understand as we seem people around us each day.  Hubspot has summarized some of this data is a way that helpsus make sense of what is often a confusing situation.

Perhaps this kind of analysis can help us better understand what is the best means for us to present our information, collect our information and share it.

How many screens do you share your day with?  Do you find yourself breaking transactions down by interacting with different screen tools?

Share your thoughts....

Lee K

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