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62 Page Per Minute Long Life Network Printer From Kyocera Canada

Posted by Lee Kirkby on Fri, Oct 12, 2012 @ 14:10 PM

Kyocera FS-4300DN Network PrinterKyocera Canada has just announced a new series of long life, super fast mono network printers ranging in speed from 42 pages per minute to 62 pages per minute.  This is a long way from the early days of laser printers when 8 ppm was considered fast.

The four new printers released by Kyocera are the FS-2100DN, FS-4100DN, FS-4200DN and the FS-4300DN.  These units are 42, 47, 52 and 62 ppm printers which include standard duplex capability, Gigabit ethernet and USB 2.0 connections. 

Long Life Components

Boasting the longest maintenance kit intervals in the market Kyocera Ecosys printers have always been leaders in the environmental protection area since they do not need replacement of imaging components with each toner change unlike most of the competitive products.  Using a special imaging drum technology developed by Kyocera (they are big in industrial ceramics in some of their other businesses), the FS2100DN drum is rated for 300,000 pages while the other models have drums rated for 500,000 pages.

Toner yields as also large with the FS-2100DN boasting a 12,500 rated yield, the FS-4100DN 15,500 rated yield, the FS-4200DN 21,000 rated yield and the FS-4300DN 25,000 pages for the standard toners.


There are many options available to increase the utility of the devices with the ability to upgrade the standard 256MB of ram to 1280MB, add SD or SDHC cards along with an option to add an SSD hard drive to the option slot.  Using the SSD hard drive there are many storage and print control options made available to users.

Standard private print using the printer memory makes the use of these devices on networks with users needing privacy very easy to manage.

Standard paper supply is a single 500 sheet tray with a 100 sheet Multi Purpose Tray and the ability to expand the total capacity with another three trays.  This would bring the total paper supply up to 2600 pages enough to keep any busy office going.

One of the areas where network printers often have trouble is envelope printing.  With these new units envelopes can be fed from the MPT or through one of the optional trays, permitting much easier access to envelope printing.  On the FS4100, 4200 and 4300 the printer can automatically adjust the fuser settings to accomodate envelopes.  The FS-2100 has a simple external switch that puts it into envelope mode.

For those companies looking to locate a printer where a network drop is not readily available the optional wireless LAN inteface can be installed permitting the device to be accessible to network users with only a power cable needed.

Each printer is targeted to a different level of need based upon the estimated monthly volume to be provided: FS-2100DN 4000 page per month, FS-4100DN 8000 pages per month, FS-4200DN 12,000 pages per month and the FS-4300DN 20,000 pages per month.

Of course in keeping with the claims of all printer manufacturers the maximum duty cycles (the theoretical maximum volume that could be done in a one month period) ranges from 150,000 to 275,000 per month.  Of course the recommended monthly match above is a much more realistic estimate of where to site these units and a more honest recommendation that is not provided by all manufacturers.

Kyocera also offers a single print driver which works with all of their print devices offering PCL and Postscript printing built in.  The units also include bar code printing capability.

In my experience the Kyocera printer range has offered clients excellent output quality (another by product of the long life drums) coupled with long life and low TCO.  These are excellent reasons to consider them as an option for your network printing needs.

What are the key criteria you apply when acquiring new network printers?  Have you experienced Kyocera?

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