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Strandvision, Innovative Signage Supplier Reaches 10th Birthday

Posted by Lee Kirkby on Thu, Aug 15, 2013 @ 01:08 AM

Strandvision, a supplier we have worked with for a number of years specializes as a SaaS (Software as a Service) delivery service for electronic signage systems.  For several years we have used their software service to feed a display sign in our office lobby which permits us to showcase new products, special promotions and key features of our services to people who are visiting our office.  The same signage screens are also reproduced on the News Page of our website as shown here. Strandvision News Page on Leppert Web Site

Strandvision has just announced that they are celebrating their 10th birthday offering this service and that over the years they have seen a significant annual growth in their business.  When you think about what the state of the display business was like ten years ago much has changed.  Typically, they would have been feeding CRT TV type displays and for the most part they will have been small in size.  Today, almost every display will be flat screen based and for size the limit is only the depth of your pockets.

Mike Strand, the owner and brains behind Strandvision has been an innovator in several technology fields and certainly has brought some unique capabilities to the electronic signage world which is now becoming so common in all kinds of locations.  I offer my personal congratulations to Mike and also thank him for his reliable support as a supplier for many years.

Electronic displays are now cost effective for many places who could never have afforded them previously.  One thing that holds people back from considering them is understanding that there is a need to feed them the creative material which the medium supports.  Mike's Standvision solution makes this a much easier process to consider as a new 'screen' can easily be created in a few minutes; simple ones in five our less and more complex ones in not too much more time.  In addition using templates which can interface with backend data bases of material or powerpoint presentations more complex streams of material can be populated easily.  

Adding video to a display can also be done making the experience full featured.  The whole process is managed through a comprehensive web interface with Strandvision managing the screen delivery through an internet connection.  Working with multiple screens is as easy as managing one once the system is established.

For our use we have kept to simple rotating screens of information although we have connected our screen to the RSS feed from the Office Document Strategies Blog (this blog you are reading) so that clips of recent articles are featured on the screen.

Again we offer our congratulations to Mike and his team and encourage others to look at how electronic display technologies could help their business.

Have you considered electronic signage?

Lee K

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