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Kodak Imaging Business Gets New Name | Kodak Alaris

Posted by Lee Kirkby on Wed, Sep 11, 2013 @ 11:09 AM

Kodak Alaris LogoPart of the saga of Kodak's bankruptcy protection has come to an end as the Kodak Personal Imaging Business and Document Imaging Business is given a new name by the new owner the UK Kodak Pension Plan.  Kodak Alaris will be the new name, maintaining the Kodak identity but showing that this is a new entity.

At first it might be thought this is a trivial deal with little implication for the document management, software and scanning hardware business.  However Kodak Alaris is a 1.3 billion dollar business with more than 4700 employees.  The Document Imaging portion of this company will be able to retain and now grow the important role it plays in the business support world.

The legacy of a solid hardware line coupled to some very robust and innovative software tools has always been part of the Kodak Document Imaging model.  In my experience the support provided to hardware purchasers has been some of the best in the industry with many scanners seeing millions of pages of throughput over many long years (I know of several that have been in production over ten years).  The new focused business with the distractions of the Kodak corporate problems being eliminated can only help to see new opportunities and better times ahead for the Kodak Imaging operations.

Unfortunately, there have been casualties in this process and I personally have seen talented friends and colleagues who have been forced to leave Kodak and find new opportunities outside of the company as a direct result of the long standing problems the company faced.  Hopefully, with the new entity an end to this process will have been achieved and the people who remain in Kodak Alaris can focus on continuing to provide solid products and support to the market.  I have worked with some of these people for almost two decades and value their expertise and help in dealing with client issues and opportunities.

Kodak Alaris will have two focuses from the two groups that have been acquired.  One is consumer focused and provides many of the print imaging products that are familiar including the Kodak kiosks.  The one which is more important to us as document management vendors is the Business Imaging side which will continue to provide quality scanners, software and services to the commercial market.

Moving forward we expect to see a renewed confidence in the Kodak Alaris brand in the document imaging marketplace and this is good for the company, current clients and dealers who have provided the product over the years.

Are you a Kodak Imaging product user?  What does this mean to you?

Lee K

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