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No Postage For You - Two

Posted by Joanna Wallace on Tue, Mar 15, 2016 @ 12:03 PM

The Guide to Postage Meters Canada – “No Postage for you”

About 6 months back I wrote a blog about one of the Canadian Postage Meter Manufacturers who sent out a letter to clients regarding the fact that they will be not allowing them to download postage as of October 30th 2015. This would render their machine inoperable.

Shortly after, that manufacturer decided to extend their deadline to the end of this month (March 2016) Once again some of their clients are in the soup as they are forced to upgrade their equipment because it will stop working even though not broken.

When I heard this story the first thing that came to mind was my favorite character from Seinfeld, The Soup Nazi.  No_Soup_For_You_Neopost_Article.jpg

In this instance instead of “Soup” it was Postage, but the result is the same.  Holding clients ransom unless they comply and spend money on an upgrade even though they are under contract.  Even though our favorite Soup Nazi made a good product, it was his business practices that drove away customers who do not want to be dictated to about what is their right to choose.

The manufacturer who sent out this letter obviously does not understand the humor in this hilarious character or how it could pertain to their particular situation. But everyone must be allowed to have an opinion.

In response to my original blog a letter from the manufacture's representative goes like this:

"Kindly remove the material on your website related to N_ _ _ _ _ _ and myself.

Times Up-No Postage for you …click here for blog

The N_ _ _ _ _ _ related commentary posted by Joanna Wallace is not only unprofessional, but contains characterizations and comparisons that are well beyond the boundaries of friendly, respectful competition."

Here is my reply

Dear Mr X

I beg to differ with you. I advocate for proper and fair business practices. When we see what we think is an unfair practice we call it what it is. Sour soup!  If you don’t like what the blog says that may be an indication that these practices mentioned are not palatable even to you?

Consumers need to know their choices, and for me, calling your manufacturer out on their practices I find distasteful does not make me unprofessional.  What it does make me is smart and forthcoming and someone consumers can trust with their best interests in mind.

Lastly I must thank you for giving me the opportunity to help so many of your clients that are upset as well with the way they feel treated by your manufacturers business practices.  

As a note to those postage consumers who find these kinds of tactics distasteful, I work hard to be on your side and provide good service to all I deal with.  In the end the ultimate choice is made by the consumer on whom to deal with.  The way they are treated will have a big impact on that decision.

PS if you made that decision to replace your postage machine from our manufacturer Francotyp Postalia we welcome you to the Leppert Family!

Joanna W

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