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This blog discusses ways to optimize and improve the management and production of documents used in businesses. 

Business documents are the repository of knowledge which underpins all of the functions of commerce.  Using them well can have a significant impact on success.

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Cloud Computing and SMBs in Hamilton [Video]


Yesterday morning I was invited to do an on air live interview with Bob Cowan host of the Morning Live program on CHCH TV Hamilton.  The topic was cloud computing and what SMBs should know about this growing trend.  Here's a PVR capture of the interview courtesy of a colleague. 


While the interview did not permit an indepth review of the topic Bob did cover a number of areas which can affect operations.

Hope you found the video informative and helpful.

What's your take on cloud computing?  Will you eventually put many of your applications in the cloud?

Share your thoughts below....

Lee K






Video Footage is a PVR capture of the Morning Live segment from CHCH News Morning Live

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