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Colour Multifunction Copier Install Is Done Right Inspite of My Error

Posted by Lee Kirkby on Wed, Sep 7, 2011 @ 08:09 AM

I recently returned from a short vacation.  While away one of my clients had a new colour multifunction copier installed in their offices.  At the same time our technical team member reactivated a B&W multifunction print device that they had mothballed for about a year while their offices were under construction.

The day of install was a hectic day for everyone.  The network support people for the client were busy getting their network finalized.  Their office cubicles had only been installed a couple days before so the wiring had to be finalized.  Our team member had to disconnect and remove the old machine which they had rented at the end of their lease.

Meanwhile the business was going on as usual.  The partners were trying to communicate with their clients and everyone was pushing to get business done.

At one point our team member realized that two key pieces of the install had been overlooked.  The fax board for the old machine (requested by the client to be added when it was reactivated) and the one for the new colour multifunction copier were not on his work order.  The client needed these and people were waiting to fax.

What did he do?  Did he panic?  Did he tell the client he could not do this without my involvement as it was my deal?  Did he add to the client's already challenging day?  Not on your life!  He called our office, found out we had both the options available and arranged quietly to get one his colleagues to run up the pieces.  Colour Multifunction Copier Install Is Done Right Inspite of My Error

He got the board added to the reactivated B&W machine and they were running.  He finished the install on the new colour multifunction as the client needed it.  He even assisted the network administrator to roll out printer drivers to workstations to ease his workload so the administrator could address getting the scanning functioning on the new equipment before our person left the office.

In the end, after a hard day, and several challenges he finished the install the way it needed to be done, professionally and with attention to the client's needs.  Super job.

So why do I say that good technology service is all about the details?  In this instance if my colleague had not known how to react properly when faced with a tough challenge the install would have been less than successful.  The client would have been disapointed at minimum and upset with delays.  This did not happen because of an extra effort and an understanding that making it right for the client was our goal.

Sure there was an error made in setting this deal up.  It was my error.  In all of my discussions with the client somehow, and I still don't know how, I missed the need for the two fax boards to be included.  My error.  Full stop.  In the end the client and I worked out how to rectify the error in a mutually agreed manner and they got the configuration on the equipment that they needed when they wanted it.

So little details make for good service. 

Always review the configuration, in detail.  Make sure you can cover any glitches with the install.  Take the time to ensure the install is finalized.  Be honest with the client when you make an error.  Be fair in rectifying it.  Empower your colleagues to make independent judgements to deliver what your clients expect and need. Check the details, over and over.  They all count.  Finally don't panic when something goes wrong.  Correct it!

All I can say is thank you to my colleagues who were covering this project while I was away.  Thank you to a reasonable client who understood the situation and understood we would resolve it fairly.  Thank you for the opportunity to make it right and end up with a successful installation.

What is your definition of good service on your print devices?  What about other office technologies?  Has anyone gone the extra mile for you?  Share your experience in comments below.

Lee K

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