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IT Support For Small Business Burlington - Weekly Digest

Posted by Lee Kirkby on Mon, Apr 18, 2011 @ 15:04 PM

As part of our IT support for small business we publish a weekly digest of interesting articles and tips which can assist readers to better run their business.  I know that your focus is running your business and the industry you serve.  These weekly digest articles provide a range of information which can be of value to all kinds of operations.

This week we have a tip on using the Windows Task Master, some ideas on how to choose a Voip phone system and a short video showing how one tech recycler deals with the issues surrounding security of data on old hard drives from computers and other electronic devices.

All You Need to Know about WindowsTask Master

Choosing the Right Voip for your business

Video- Ontario Hard Drive Crusher

Only three links to follow this week...there will be lots more for next week as I'm off to the Kyocera America's Annual Conference and they will have lots of new products and software tools for us to understand.

Don't forget to offer your tips and tools in the comments is great to learn how business can be improved using technology.

Lee K

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