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Who Makes Xerox Copiers and MFP Devices?

Posted by Lee Kirkby on Wed, Jan 18, 2012 @ 14:01 PM

One of the industry blogs I read regularly is written by an industry pro out of New Jersey, Art Post.  Art knows his stuff and keeps on top of many industry trends.  Recently he reposted a blog written by another US veteran Vince McHugh who publishes a blog about multifunction (mfp) and other print issues.

Recently he published a blog about the above topic which undertakes an interesting analysis of how Xerox has chosen to approach the market.  It is an interesting article and raises some intriguing questions about how common their line up may be.Who Makes Xerox Copiers and MFP Devices

It's worth a read before you consider any new product.  Xerox is not the only manufacturer that sources from several brands and there are other large industry vendors who source product from several manufacturers and do not show what the true manufacturing base is.  This can cause confusion for purchasers and can lead to IT related hassles if you are not careful.

My thanks to Art and to Vince for their insight to the market.

Do you care who manufacturers your print devices?  Does having technology from multiple brands that you do not know about affect your performance?

Lee K

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