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Samsung SCX-6545 A Profile

Posted by Lee Kirkby on Thu, Feb 16, 2012 @ 09:02 AM

SCX-6545DNSamsung introduced the SCX-6545 letter/legal mfp as a second generation product to deal with installations requiring higher volumes of output and more speed.  Built on a similar chasis as the predecessor SCX-6345 the newer model offered better image quality, a stronger and larger document feeder and improved overall performance.

My experience with these devices has found they fit best in primarily print centric environments for workgroups or small to mid sized offices.  For environments with strong copy and scanning needs they are not as powerful or perhaps not as well suited as the more traditional copier (11 x 17) format machines that boast heavier duty document feeders.  However, as printer based products they do very well in locations which predominate with print output.

As a monochrome device you get 45 ppm production in a unit that is at least 1/3 less costly than a similar speed traditional mfp.  The SCX-6545 offers some advanced features that are very nice and even when added do not blow the price to the sky. 

Physical Mailboxes are Great

A dual bin finisher/stapler can be supplemented with a 4 bin mailbox providing 6 output locations.  I have found that once an office has this type of physical output separation on a networked print device they find it a compelling option they don't want to give up.  Great work Samsung in providing this capability at a price point that is way below other brands.

A network fax option is available at a sub $500 price and is fully functional supporting fax from your PC and inbound fax routing if desired.  The device comes standard with acceptable colour network scanning and the ability to add 3 520 sheet trays to the standard single tray.  Standard duplex helps save paper and a good colour touch screen interface is easy to use.

Once you fully configure these devices they look pretty impressive while still having a smaller footprint due to the smaller paper sizes they handle.

The paper choice is the single limiting factor on these units.  Since they only handle letter or legal paper you have to know that your needs do not include ledger.  According to Samsung's data less than 4% of the prints made in North America are on ledger paper so the limitation may not be a concern for most companies.

Finally, you have to consider operating costs.  The devices are fairly competitive although the cost to run them will not be down to the very low costs of some long life component brands like Kyocera.  On the other hand the initial capital cost (or lease cost if financed) will be much less than for a traditional sized mfp so the slightly higher operating cost can be offset with capital savings.

All in all the SCX-6545 can be a viable option in the right location and one which can offer good performance and good value.

Does your office use ledger?  Have you looked at letter/legal mfps?  Do the limitations make sense to save some operating dollars?

Lee K

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