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Windows 8 SMB Nation Expert Panel (Video)

Posted by Lee Kirkby on Mon, Apr 9, 2012 @ 08:04 AM

There is lots of talk on the web about the new Windows OS which will be released this fall.  Today's rumour is it will be October.  The revision from Windows 7 workstation OS to Windows 8 is going to be substantial and there is much discussion about whether it will succeed. Windows 8 SMB Nation Expert Panel (Video)

SMB Nation an association of IT network service suppliers who focus primarily on the SMB (Small, Medium Business) market recently held their annual conference in Redmond on the Microsoft campus and Windows 8 was the sole topic on the agenda.  In this video we provide you with an expert panel's look at the new system.  This material is primarily of interest to those who will be responsible for making the decision to go to Windows 8 or who will be looking at hardware in the near future anticipating going to that platform.  It is focused very much on the IT community and practitioners either as suppliers or in-house IT teams.

Windows 8 Expert Panel (video - 60 minutes)

What are your thoughts about the changes shown in Windows 8?  Is Microsoft moving too far away from the traditional desktop OS most people are familiar with?  What OS are you currently using?

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Photo Credit:  SMB Nation


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