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Auto Feed Cross Cut Shredder Makes Privacy Control Easier [Video]

Posted by Lee Kirkby on Mon, Nov 12, 2012 @ 08:11 AM

Privacy is an issue for every organization.  One of the key tools for maintaining privacy compliance is shredding of paper documents as they are no longer needed.  With the introduction of a solid workgroup or whole office level document shredder which incorporates Auto Feed capabilities, Kobra makes this somewhat tedious task much easier.

The Kobra Auto Feed system comes in a number of models but they are all based upon their latest 310 series Touch Screen TS series of shredder.  The differences in the models is the level of security which is provided, with two commercial levels and a High Security model in the lineup.

The video below shows a commercial level Kobra 310 TS-AF running.  Note a few things when you watch the video:

  1. You can load up to 150 sheets into the Auto Feeder for continuous feed.

  2. You can use the convenience direct slot to feed paper even while the Auto Feeder is running.  The device may pause the Auto Feeder to run the documents but resumes as the load reduces.

  3. You can feed media (CDs, DVDs, Credit Cards, ID Cards) while the Auto Feeder is running.

  4. The Touch Screen shows the level of shredding being run using indicator lights to help you not to overload the device at any time.

Being a Cross Cut Shredder the Kobra 310 TS-AF provides a secure shred along with a more efficient use of output since the cross cut creates a much smaller chaff than a strip cut device.

With the Auto Feed capability it is possible for a user to load up the paper they want to shred, start the device and walk away knowing the material is taken care of in their abscence.  There even is an optional lockable cover for the Auto Feed unit for locations where  internal security is also a concern.

Using the 310 TS-AF it is possible to replace shredding services and have the additional security of seeing your material destroyed safely and yet not having the need to manually feed all of your work.  Used on a daily basis it would be possible for a good sized office to stay ahead of their shredding needs with little impact on individuals.  On a lease basis the device can be acquired for around $58 per month...not a high cost for security and risk control.

As more and more concern is established about how paper is destroyed given the new legislative and public relations impacts of privacy and security new tools like the Kobra 310 TS-AF become very cost effective ways to deal with the issues.

How is your office dealing with its shredding load?  Do you worry about what is happening with your paper records before destruction?  Would Auto Feeding meet your shredding needs?

Share your experiences below....

Lee K

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