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Burlington Shredding Service Recovers $300 For Client

Posted by Lee Kirkby on Mon, May 27, 2013 @ 07:05 AM

One of the services that we offer at Leppert Business Systems Inc. is small volume shredding for our Burlington community.  People use the service because they know that we will securely destroy their materials and provide them the comfort of a Certificate of Destruction. 

One of the questions we often get is, "Is this done on site?"  The answer is yes and it is always one of our employees who carries out the work. Burlington Shredding Service Saves $300

These projects are usually two or three bankers boxes which people bring to us because they would be too difficult to process on a home shredder but it would be too costly to call a commercial shredding service to handle.  What they need is a cost effective, secure way to destroy materials they do not want to go into land fill or the normal waste stream.

The clients are mixed, often small businesses who have a small group of business records to destroy, but don't have enough need to buy a commercial quality shredder but need to have a collection of records destroyed periodically.  Others are individuals who are cleaning out before a move and who want to get rid of the bills, check stubs, contracts and other materials which accumulate around a house.  A final group are individuals who are in the midst of cleaning out a loved ones home due to a move or death in the family.

Last week one of our employees had a really interesting experience with a shredding job.  It was a couple of boxes out of an estate.  Our process hand processes the shredding.  By this I mean we manually feed the shredder as it is not set up for us to just dump and process.  This means that the operator has to be careful not to over load the unit and they therefore separate larger bundles of documents and frequently have to empty items out of envelopes to process them.

In the instance of this story our operator Cathy opened a small envelope and to her surprise found a bundle of Canadian currency in the envelope.  When she totaled up the money it was $300 which had been stored away in the material and missed when the client brought it in for shredding.  Of course there was a certain amount of luck in this find but we were pleased to be able to rescue the $300 for the client.

When the client was contacted in his home in Ottawa he asked us to bundle the money and send it to him in the mail.  We determined that was too risky so we sent it by courier instead to ensure (and so we would get confirmation) he received the money.

Our hats are off to Cathy who found the money and handled it professionally. 

We are pleased that we didn't inadvertently shred the money and destroy it permanently.  We were pleased that our process permitted this inadvertent loss to be recovered.  With a shredding service that used a bulk shredding process, the envelope would have been destroyed with the money intact and no recovery would have been possible.

Have you ever shredded materials you wished you didn't?  What other things should you watch for in your shredding process?  Is personal honesty something you expect from your suppliers?

Lee K


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