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Digital Printing Revolution Continues

Posted by Lee Kirkby on Wed, Apr 15, 2015 @ 08:04 AM

Over the past fifteen years a revolution has occured in the printing industry.  I can remember when the typical office copier was an analog device with super advanced features like the ability to expand an image to a larger size.

Contrast that to today where every copier, now commonly known as an MFP (multifunction printer) or MFD (multifunction device) offers so many digital features that users can't learn them all.

3D Printing undergoing same impacts  3D_Printing_100X_Faster

Just a few short years ago we first heard about 3D printing.  The ability to sequentially layer media by minute deposits one on top of the other to create a wide variety of 3D objects.  Most 3D printing is commonly associated with producing plastic or resin based items often for prototyping for manufacturing.  Recently one of my LinkedIn groups featured a link to a really interesting TED Talk about a new way to produce end products which might be a major shift in manufacturing specialized products using a 3D printing model.

The developer of this technology calls it CLIP, Continuous Liquid Interface Production.

Take a look at this short video presentation given at the 2015 TED Talk in Vancouver.  It shows once again how quickly new processes and ideas can come from new digital technologies.

What new processes could you consider using the latest in technology?

Lee K

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Photo Credit:  TED Talks

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