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Using Postage & Mail Is A Good Small Business Strategy

Posted by Lee Kirkby on Wed, Aug 12, 2015 @ 07:08 AM

In our increasingly electronic society we often forget to think about some of the other options which may be available for contacting our customers and prospective clients.  Mail is one of those strategies which can often be over looked.  In many businesses the postage system is forgotten simply because it takes a FP_Indicia-resized-600different effort to make use of it.

Mail for smaller businesses

  • For smaller businesses mail can be used to show your customers you care
  • Consumers say receiving mail makes them feel more valued
  • Sending out mail drives consumers online. 
Sending and receiving mail is one of the most personal forms of communication. In fact, 57% of people say that if an organization sends them mail, it makes them feel more valued compared with 17% for email.

This is an especially pertinent point for smaller businesses to bear in mind, because with a relatively small number of customers, it’s important to keep them loyal. They’ll then be more likely to buy from you again, and more receptive when you cross-sell them new products or services. Thanks to its personal nature, mail is a natural fit for small business owners, who pride themselves on knowing their customers.

There are times when only mail can do the job. For example, people prefer to receive a welcome pack from businesses in physical form, rather than via email. When receiving important information they want to receive it in print too, so they can consider and digest it.

Mail drives consumers online

Before making certain purchases, 65% of people like to browse through the catalogue and look online. Sending consumers direct mail can drive them directly online and to social media.

Research shows that 86% of people have connected with an organization online in direct response to receiving an item of mail. They may visit a website, send an email to a business or use Twitter.

87% have been influenced to make an online purchase.

By focusing on these key moments, businesses can get the maximum return from their investment in mail.

What’s more, improvements in digital printing technology mean it’s not only easier than ever to create highly personalized and cost-effective mail, it’s cheaper than ever too. Over the past five years the cost of digitally printed mailings has fallen by 25%.

And if you’re a retailer, or if you offer a service that is tailored to your local community, it’s worth taking a look at the value of door drops. With 59% of consumers saying they open door to door mail such as leaflets, postcards and flyers, they deliver strong cut through. They also let you reach a large number of potential customers in a very cost effective way. 

While building a mailing list and using it takes some effort, it just another part of the contact process for your clients.  Given the high volumes of email and other electronic communications people receive each day a personally addressed mail piece make actually stand out substantially more than any other form of promotion.

It is worth trying it out.  Putting together a professionally focused direct mail strategy using the tools that are readily available to your business has the potential to be a great way to strengthen your presence in your marketplace.

Lee K

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