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A Paperless Document Strategy Could Be Possible

Posted by Lee Kirkby on Tue, Jul 20, 2010 @ 09:07 AM

I really never thought this could happen but courtesy of the author of the Death of the Copier Blog I am now not so sure.  He recently featured a presentation made to TED in September 2009 that kind of blew my mind.  Maybe a paperless document strategy is really possible.

Patti Maes at Ted Sixth Sense  The level of research and the range of impact that this video shows really can stretch your imagination and lead you to wonder if you would ever want to see paper again...enjoy the video it is entitled Sixth Sense Talk  The author and presenter shows a collection of tools which have been combined to make it possible to link and create an interactive communication of all kinds of documents, without paper and without any other presentation tools.

Of course we all know that this product is not yet available, but ten years ago you couldn't buy a cell phone with an HD video camera, in fact HD didn't really exist either.

Perhaps when we find ourselves hanging onto the familiarity of our paper documents we should look at a truly paperless environment, one using any available surface as our paper.

A bit mind numbing isn't it?

Lee K

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