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IT Network Systems Are Like Toilets (Graphic)

Posted by Lee Kirkby on Mon, Dec 5, 2011 @ 05:12 AM

“I am good at what I do…a Techie I am not!!”

This was the heading on a email sent to me from a friend because she knew I work for a business systems company and we handle IT network systems.

“Ok” she wrote “I will admit it. The picture below is not too far off of the truth as I see it in my world. Being in my 50’s my start in the business world had very little to do with computers, websites, cloud based technology that stored my scanned files and on line contracts that are signed and sent back without ever using a piece of paper and leaving your desk!IT Network Systems  Are Like Toilets (Graphic) 

This technology  can obviously free me up and make a huge impact to the bottom line of my business except for A TECHIE  I AM NOT  so how do I go about this?

I am a firm believer of being a professional and the go to person in my field, so I guess it makes sense to use a professional to help put together a technology plan that will grow and maintain my business”

"I totally agree," I said.  "You can’t be an expert at everything and just as a business plan is important to your success so is a technology plan."

“So” she said “back to how do I go about this? What are the questions I need to ask.
What are some key things my expert should be talking to me about? How do I choose my technology provider."

I'll detail my answers in a future blog, but I think many business people face similar challenges as they look at the technology options which are impacting their offices.

How do you look at your IT network systems?  Are they mysterious like a toilet system?  How do you decide?

Joanna W

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