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Every Business Affected By Digital Disruption | 9 To Watch

Posted by Lee Kirkby on Wed, Feb 11, 2015 @ 08:02 AM

Every business has been affected by the disruption of business practices which the digital revolution of the past twenty years has created.  Virtually every aspect of operations have been affected by the changes in technology and latterly in communication which has been fostered by the low cost of computing power, the creation of portable instant communications and the world wide spread of easy access to information,

What used to take days or weeks a few years ago now takes minutes and seconds and this has affected the way every business has to operate.  These trends to immediacy and ease of transport of information are not over and there are new digital disruptions on the way.  In assembling a list of topics for the upcoming AIIM Conference in mid March a series of 9 disrupting trends is offered for consideration. 


  1. The Questioning of Enterprise IT Reaches Critical Mass
  2. The Death of Records Management As We Know It
  3. The End of the Era of Cloud Geo-Neutrality
  4. Case Management Lights Up – A Rose By Any Other Name?
  5. Security Shifts from the Perimeter and the Device to the Asset Itself
  6. The “I” in “IT” Finally Becomes Real
  7. The Year E-mail Became Cool Again
  8. The Commoditization of File Sync and Share
  9. Collaboration Steals the Show from Enterprise Social

When you read these topics it is easy to think that many if not most of them will not directly affect your company, however when you think them over a bit more it is possible to see where you can be impacted if they are true.  While the context of this disruptions is focused on the people and companies who are most directly focused on information management either internally or as a vendor to others, the daily impacts of the trends can be felt in every organization.

Are they the only disruptions to be of concern?  Certainly not.  Geopolitical, fiscal, security and trans national issue are all other potential disruptors which might affect any business.  The differnce is that these digital disruptors are in areas where your business can directly affect whether they are to impact you negatively or positively.  Many other external ones are such that you can only hope to mitigate their impacts without significant investment or substantial changes.

These 9,  that AIIM has chosen to address as part of their upcoming program are seen to be trends that any business can address and potentially control.  If you want to learn more about any or all of them you can download a copy of Digital Disruption — 10 Content and Information Predictions You Need to Understand the conference preparation ebook which is offered free.

Take a look and see if these are topics for you to consider.

Lee K

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