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Datto Drive A New Secure File Share Service

Posted by Lee Kirkby on Wed, Nov 30, 2016 @ 08:11 AM

If you have been a user of DropBox, Google Drive, Boxx etc. then you should look at Datto Drive right away.


As part of their introductory offer the first 1 million signups will receive one year's access to 1Terrabyte of storage FREE.  This permits substantial use of the service to easily test whether your need is worth considering a paid subscription thereafter available at a low $10 month for unlimited users after first year.Datto Drive File Sharing.jpg

There are many file sharing services available that start as a primarily consumer focused product and which can expand into a business and enterprise solution.  For most of these there are limitations built in either from a cost or a security based approach.  In addition for Canadian based businesses there are concerns with data jurisdiction since being able to specify where you data is stored is not necessarily one of the features of most of them.


Austin McCord the CEO of Datto believed that the industry lacked a cost effective well featured collaborative File sharing service so he created one.

Some of the keys to Datto Drive:

  • A fully secured cloud service
  • Effective file sync and sharing built in
  • Sharing can be enabled in the cloud or locally within your own network
  • Automatically backup and recover files on-demand, ensuring business data is available even if servers fail.
  • Native protection against Ransomware.

Ideal for sharing large files, collaborating with partners or just accessing files from any device,  Datto Drive is available with unlimited users for a single flat fee in the Cloud.

As an alternative it can be combined with Datto's Data NAS or through their total protection service called Siris 3 for use on your own servers and within your private environment.

Business Focused

Building upon their focus on business level data security, Datto has targeted Datto Drive as a business directed product right from the start.  Users need to be based upon a business platform.

For the free sign up it is limited to one free account per domain ie you can’t sign up for more than one per domain so if you were at an organization where someone already signed up in that domain it will already be taken. Likewise if you are a user of Gmail, Hotmail, Live, GoDaddy, Yahoo and other common free mail accounts you can’t grab it on behalf of all the other millions of users, so you need a corporate or private domain to do it ie your email must be

A further example of the business focus is the ability to benefit Canadian customers with their storage in a Canadian data centre something the competitors don’t give you.

Large file sharing is a critical tool for many

Sharing large files through a service such as this has become a critical tool for many businesses.  Moving simple image files can become a real pain with normal email since the newer devices create such large file sizes that they cannot be easily attached to regular email.  Virtually all email services have some restriction on the size of attachments permitted and often you don't know what the size limit is for a recipient.

A common use of image data these days is in customer service work, where a simple mobile image or video is captured of the issue present and the forwarded to the support team.  The problem occurs when newer devices create these massive files.  I know my cell phone defaults to a 21 mega pixel image format meaning that any picture taken will easily hit 5MB or more.  Sending 2 or more probably exceeds the senders limits. So trying to transmit very many of these images directly through email will just not work.  A sharing service through Datto Drive is the answer especially since it supports all Desktops: PC, Mac and other mobile platforms like IPhone and Android.

Check out Datto Drive and you may be surprised by how much you find yourself using it.

Lee K

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