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Revised Environmental Fees | Ontario MFP Rate Drops

Posted by Lee Kirkby on Wed, May 20, 2015 @ 07:05 AM

The electronic stewardship programs in effect in most Canadian provinces are reviewed each year and a new schedule of fees is established for consumer payment on the sale of goods.  The funds generated are supposed to cover the costs of collection, recycling and disposal of all electronic items covered by the system.

The eWaste collection and management system this has created in Ontario is substantial and it does see a large amount of electronic waste move into a recycling process rather than just getting dumped in land fills. Logo_Ontario_Electronic_Stewardship

As of May 1 2015 the new schedule of fees for  BC,SK,MB,OES,QC,NS,PEI,NL is now in effect and should be collected at sale of items covered in the program.  The changes of the fees are different for various categories of products and for different provinces.  In Ontario many of the fees have been reduced from the previous year usually by fairly small amounts.

For one category in Ontario the fee change is significant and this is what is known as 'floor standing IT equipment'.  The best example of such a product is a full sized multifunction printer or MFP.  On the old schedule the amount charged for these models (there was a weight threshold that helped in definition) was $173.75 per unit.  The May 2015 schedule shows a new amount of $31.75 which is a major reduction in the costs for this category.  It brings the Ontario fee for this category in line with that in most other provinces which already had a this rate.

For all of the schedules reflecting the broad range of products you can review them on the Electronic Products Recycling Association's publication.

For details of the Ontario program you can review them on their web page at Ontario Electroni Stewardship.

Generally, most people seem to have become comfortable with the charges they pay for the system which is based upon the new purchases paying for the disposal of the old equipment being thrown away.  It has added a whole new dimension to the waste stream in most provinces and has helped a large volume of electronic waste to be sent into a recycling stream instead of being shipped overseas to questionable disposal sites or being buried in landfills.

Lee K

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