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SMB's Underutilizing Technology - IT Network Tools

Posted by Lee Kirkby on Sat, Mar 19, 2011 @ 12:03 PM

BSMinfo recently published the results of a Lenovo SMB's underutilizing technology - IT networkssurvey showing that SMB's are underutilizing technology not only with regard to IT network but also in other technology fields.

The survey is reported to indicate that the productivity that can be obtained through the strategic use of IT tools is not present and at times SMB users are engaging in risky behaviours.


40% of SMB are reported to backup to external hard drives but the majority, 50%, reported using USB drives and CD/DVD backup as their media for important data.  The same respondents reported rarely using low cost secure storage like web based backup.

WIFI Networks:

Many SMB's reported using external wifi networks and also had internal wifi that was not properly secured. 

Many were using unsecured networks to keep in contact with their offices.  Part of the reason is a large number, up to 85%, who worked outside of their offices for at least some period.  72% said they rarely take a vacation without e-mail access.  25% indicated that they or someone from their office used a public wifi connection to connect to their office.  Unsecured networks are a frequent problem area for network security and they could be putting themselves at risk.

This is a short summary of the survey which shows that there are ways that SMB's could improve their use of IT tools to better secure their businesses and for better risk management.

What is your experience with IT tools and your productivity?  How do you rate with your risk management strategy?

Lee K

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