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Interactive Projectors Replace Smart Boards (Video)

Posted by Lee Kirkby on Wed, Aug 3, 2011 @ 07:08 AM

Its the time in the summer when teachers and others who spend a lot of time presenting, start thinking about the tools that they might like to have to work with in the coming year.  Interactive Projectors Replace Smart Boards (Video)

One of the main one's for those doing classroom training has been the interactive whiteboard or "smart board".  These devices permit the trainer (teacher) to write on the board, project images on the board and control the projected image through the board's interface.  Unfortunately draw backs of higher cost and lack of portability has meant that only where a constant level of use was to occur permitted their cost to be justified.  This limits the number of users.

The Interactive Projector

As shown in the two videos below, projector manufacturers have responded to these problems by building the interactivity into the projector coupled to a custom  pen or wand that permits the image to be shown on any reflective flat surface....a great idea and one which adds portability to the mix...several manufacturers now offer this capability adding more choice to your options as well.

And a second one from Hitachi.

These are examples of how technology has made it easier and more convenient for us to access training materials and tools, all at a price point that is much lower and offers better value.  There are many computer focused peripherals which are available for use in your office which can help you accomplish your work.

How would you use this smart technology in your operations?  Any experience with smart technology that improved your systems?  Which versions have you tried?

Lee K

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Videos courtesy of InFocus and Hitachi

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