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5 Reasons to Use Centralized Scanning

Posted by Lee Kirkby on Sun, Nov 20, 2011 @ 07:11 AM

There are several ways to go about setting up scanning in your office.  Here are 5 reasons why you will want to consider a centralized system.

  1. Centralized scanning will process more paper, faster than any other method.  Simply because it is a dedicated resource, centralized scanning can eat through the paper faster than other methods.  Dedicated operators will learn the process better and become more efficient.

  2. Centralized scanners generally generate better images with less quality problems.  The top scanner vendors like Fujitsu and Kodak bundle software with their products that provides image enhancement capabilities which are generally not provided by network (MFP) and desktop (distributed) scanners.  These bundled packages are designed to optimize the scanned images and the process.5 Reasosn to Use Centralized Scanning

  3. Centralized scanners offer special features to deal with double page feeds, auto page cropping and paper jams.  Recovering from a large scan document in the middle of the document when there is a jam is generally a much easier process when you are using the sophisticated software that centralized scanners use.

  4. Centralized scanners are driven by high capacity, high functionality capture software which is designed to maximize the integration of the process with document management and other software tools.  These packages will offer many advanced features that are just not available with MFP or desktop based scanning.

  5. Centralized scanners are more robust and are purpose designed for higher scan volumes which are common with centralized scanning procedures.  I have seen centralized scanners which have completed millions of pages of scans and which are still running on a daily basis.  With proper maintenance and consumable parts replacement it is very common to see centralized scanners provide many years of good service.  I know of one client that has run their high end device for over 14 years and I have another who got 4 times the manufacturer rated volume through their unit before replacement.

Not every scanning situation calls for a centralized, batch scan process.  Understanding where this solution is suitable takes some knowledge of the capabilities and the type of workflow benefits the choice can provide.  Making the decision to devote resources to centralized scanning needs analysis, but the returns can be significant.

How do you scan?  Centralized?  Distributed? Network?  Why did you choose the route you have taken? 

Lee K

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