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Kyocera Canada Launches New Mobile Print App for Apple and Android

Posted by Lee Kirkby on Wed, Jun 13, 2012 @ 08:06 AM

Kyocera Document Solutions Canada just announced the release of their new mobile print app for Apple and Android smart phones and tablets.  This new app will permit users to easily printKyocera Canada Launches New Mobile Print App for Apple and Android from their devices to installed Kyocera print devices on your office network.  This is part of their continued efforts to expand the functionality of their devices with new software solutions.

Release benefits:

  • Print on the go in a mobile environment from an app that is free to download.

  • Flexible access to your information when you need it where you need it.

  • No costly or burdensome infrastructure required.  The app is on your device and interfaces with select Kyocera MFP's and printers.

  • Robust settings enable control in both print and scan mode.

  • Job accounting can track output if used at the MFP or printer.

  • Protect information by eliminating the need to email documents to a third party to print for you.

The growth of low cost and free apps for new interface devices is changing the way that network tools are interfaced in many businesses.  As the growth of these new easy to use solutions expands it will be important that consideration is given to the available solutions before you add a printer or MFP to your office network.  It's getting to be all about the apps...


What apps do you use on your smartphone or tablet that link you to hardware devices?  What other applications would you like to see?  Are there apps you would recommend?

Lee K

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