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Kyocera Teaching Assistant Software for HyPAS MFPs [Video]

Posted by Lee Kirkby on Mon, Nov 26, 2012 @ 08:11 AM

Kyocera Teaching Assistant Software for HyPAS MFPs [Video]Kyocera has developed a great tool for teachers who use bubble tests as part of their testing work in the classroom.  The Teaching Assistant package which is created for use with HyPAS enabled mfps in the TASKalfa series of devices makes the creation, production and grading of bubble tests an easy process.

Data from the grading process is stored with the mfp device and is readily available to the classroom teacher once the tests have been completed by the students.

Teaching Assistant can be used in other places than in the school classroom.  Training services requiring post training testing could be another great user.

The Teaching Assistant Video shows the key features and how easy this application is to use.

There are more than a dozen Kyocera HyPAS enabled mfp printers which can be used to support the Teaching Assistant Program.  The software is licensed by the mfp thereby giving many teachers in a school access to the capabilities at a low cost be use.  There are no ongoing licensing costs other than the paper production costs for the tests that are printed on the mfp devices.

How could you use these capabilities?  Do you produce multiple choice questionaires which could be automatically graded using this software?

Share your uses below.....

Lee K

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