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Government of Canada Reliability Certified Scanning

Posted by Lee Kirkby on Wed, Jan 23, 2019 @ 08:01 AM

Leppert has provided outsourced scanning for hundreds of clients over the past 23 or so years.  Through the use of in house scanning systems this service has assisted many clients to reduce the amount of paper they have to store, by converting to more convenient digital format's like searchable PDF. In many instances we are also able to capture key meta data from these paper records to aid in improved document retrieval. 

Kodak Production Scanning offered by Leppert Business Systems. Convert paper to digital easily

Over this time we have refined many steps and procedures needed to safely manage and administer the processes. These have been developed either originally in-house, or in conjunction with the guidance of one of Canada's largest public accounting firms Price Waterhouse. 

While on the surface it seems pretty simple to take sheets of paper documents - run them through an electronic scanning machine and then store them in an image format on a computer, there are challenges to ensuring proper compliance.

The reality of the operation, includes much more than this including many steps, checks and balances to ensure that a quality outcome will be the result of the work.

Reliability Certified Government of Canada Security Process

Leppert is pleased to have been granted Reliability Certification by the Canadian Federal Government including the scanning facilities and equipment and all scan operating employees. 

Environment Canada Contract

Leppert achieved this to enter into a recent document scanning contract with Environment Canada to capture approximately 250,000 documents for conversion from paper records to digital, electronic formats.  This contract is currently underway and is being rapidly completed against a specific timeline for completion.

Using a number of high speed Kodak production scanners, the Leppert scanning facility is able to process a substantial volume of documents each day.

Using these procedures developed over the long history of scanning implementations and the fact that Leppert conforms to the security approval granted by the federal government, there is a high confidence that this work is being performed to the rigorous standards that this document conversion requires.  The Government Security Policy prescribes a Reliability Status for those individuals who may have access to Protected Information or assets.

Of course any work performed for other clients also benefits from this same level of diligence and experience as demanded by the Federal government. 


In order to carry out certain contract work for the Canadian Government, firms are required to register through the Government's Security screening process to ensure that they comply with appropriate levels of security clearance.  Depending upon the types of information being handled differing requirements must be met, but in each instance there are key factors involved.

The company itself through its responsible officers and management must meet required security levels as established in the government's procedures.  Each location where government information or documents are to be handled is required to be audited for security and approval including the areas where processing is to be handled and where any storage is to be undertaken.

All personnel involved in working with government materials are subject to the procedures of the Security Screening for Reliability Status under the Public Works Canada Policy.  This involves back ground checks, electronic finger printing by the RCMP and criminal record checks.

Paper is still an issue

While much has been done in most organizations to eliminate the amount of paper documents that are produced and handled there is still an issue for most with creating a solid managed document storage system.  Scanning to convert to digital formats is one way that storage can be improved.  As well, better organization for future retrieval can be established through proper indexing of digitally produce records.

For any company or organization struggling with managing year end records, tax department required records and other important material - outsourcing conversion may be a good starting point to improving or upgrading their internal record management systems.

With the year 2020 very close, is it time to look at your processes and determine if scanning could be the next step in gaining efficiencies for your company or organization?

Do you have a 20/20 vision for getting to paper-less?

Let us know how we can help you, it starts with a short discussion around the types of documents you are thinking of converting.

Lee K

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